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Grave Digger Hustle

Verona Blue

Verona Blue

Scene: morgue/operating room,
Dark new wave music playing in the background.

(camera pans around to show the room with one person working on a corpse)

Long beautiful hair is the only color in scene. While coming into focus, go from b&w to full color and center on her working the torso. Reveal she is stitching the corpse anus.

Narrator: Like most people, I have multiple jobs. And all of them have assholes…

(camera pans around and behind to show the room)

While working the corpse, Blue notices and ignores her coworker entering the room. Jesting as he walks by, he says “stitch it up good blue, no leaks.”

Unfazed, she continues stitching the corpse anus and reminds him that she does have a needle in her hand.

Promotional Content:

  • image: Verona over the corpse with fingers spreading the butt and a giant needle in hand; typography covers anus
  • image: b&w full room view with Verona standing centered, her Blue hair the only color in scene
  • video: outtakes of Verona singing a twisted version of Madonna’s  Like A Virgin. “Like A Surgeon, slicing for the very first time, Like A Surgeon, your heart is mine…”
  • video: collaborators working out details and chatting to camera

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