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Eric Arcana


Gamer, traveler, writer with a camera.
Production assistant and support.

Born and raised in the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley, from my early teens to mid twenties PCH became my driveway. The road, the night and various clubs across California were my home.

With immeasurable luck, I found the love of my life and together we raised two amazing children. At Nordstrom, I pursued my finance & tech support career from Orange County, CA to Seattle, WA. The communities, live shows and restaurants in Washington are amazing and have been a wonderful place for our family.

Now independent and working primarily remote, I travel from Seattle to San Francisco and Los Angeles often. I am available worldwide and at all times. Scouting locations, dealing with logistics, covering events and public communications. Doing what it takes for talented and interesting people to help create and share unique content. Content to capture, expand and inspire imagination.

Client Support


Production Assistant


Social Media


WordPress Specialist


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