Still Breathing

Still Breathing is a show about making shows.

After getting divorced, an entertainment journalist for the Washington Post is diagnosed with early onset dementia. Naturally, he moves to Seattle to pursue his dream of making shows for Amazon Studios.

In Seattle, he takes a part time job working at a cannabis boutique. There he finds hope, inspiration and friends to help face his future. Unfortunately, he also finds out what it’s like to work retail, deal with terrible illnesses and how cold and hard life can be.

With old friends and special guests from the entertainment and tech sector appearing throughout the series, the show deals with real world issues (cancer, mental illness, and poverty) in the most ridiculous and comedic way possible. Each episode explores painful and difficult situations but also shows hope and inspiration for those of us facing such challenges.

Still Breathing is the love child of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and HBO’s Silicon Valley after a night of horrible drunken sex. Although comedy rules throughout the show, it is set in a grim and inescapable world filled with lovable idiots.

Below are some photos taken while exploring locations and meeting interesting people. I will be traveling throughout 2017.